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Master of Arts degree programme in Conflict, Peace and Development Studies

In line with the project’s education component, the University of Ruhuna is offering scholarships grants for students to follow two year Master of Arts degree programme in conflict, peace and development studies. The partner organisations in south (CIIT, TU and RU) also exchange their students between the institutes. For example, currently University of Ruhuna is sending its scholarship holders to study one year in Tribhuvan University in Nepal; Tribhuvan University is sending their students to study one year at the University of Ruhuna.  In addition, the University of Ruhuna is conducting lectures for master students and provide supervisory inputs on research activities of them.

The Department of Sociology of the University of Ruhuna is planning to initiate a similar master degree programme under the Graduate Studies Faculty of the University. A detail proposal along with the curricular for this master degree programme has been already submitted for approval of the concern Authorities.

It is obvious that sociological perception of peace and development helps to build up and maintain an optimal development process in a country. Therefore, it is very much important that officials involved in decision making, planning, and plan implementation in the development process acquire a knowledge and training in sociological theories, approaches and models related to actual development issues. The Department of Sociology intends introducing this Master of Arts Degree course in Peace and Development Studies as a timely national effort in handling the post conflict situation in Sri Lanka which requires knowledge and skills in establishing a sustainable form of peace and social harmony.

Objectives of the course

The course content has been organized under four (4) broad objectives as follows:

1. Provide insight into methods and theories of Peace and Development Studies.
2. Widen student horizons about contemporary social structure and its changes.
3. Enhance student appreciation of sustainable peace and harmony in society.
4. Increase research capabilities in Peace and Development Studies.

Curricular Review workshop

Curricular Review workshop for Conflicts , Peace and Development studies was held in Gaushala, Kathmandu on 22-23rd of March, 2015 which brought distinguished academics and students together to develop a  better curricular for CPDS. NORHED-CPDS project coordinator Mr. Upali Pannilage was the representative from  University of Ruhuna.